Why register?

Ad-free email service

The Postino Email System does not send advertising, neither in the email interface nor in emails. No banners. No promotions folder. Just your mails.

How does your email address look like, e.g. blabla1830@something.com?

At Postino, the firstname.lastname@Postino.net or the lastname.firstname@Postino.net is probably not yet used.

Mobile support at a high level

The convenient access to emails via the mobile phone is now a basic requirement. Postino, however, offers a lot more.

Dropbox and Google Drive support

Managing attachments - let's face it - is not that easy on a cell phone. For others. However, Postino supports Dropbox and Google Drive, the two leading online cloud providers. Here you can save and insert your pictures, videos, resumes and everything you need on your home computer. Put your important documents in the cloud and always have them on hand when you want them.

Custom Signatures

You can assign a caption to an image at the end of each letter. It could be your face, it could be a logo, it could be a photo that fits your mood, everything. Personalize each of your letters! We're adding a very simple editor to support.

Multiple user interfaces

Everyone has a different taste. We therefore do not offer a fixed interface for mailing. Try them all. One will surely like it better than the other. There is a Gmail-like layout, Outlook and a so-called Droid view. Are you curious? You know how to see it. Please register!

You always need a different email address

Just as we ask for a secondary email address when registering, other systems ask for one, e.g. after recovering a lost password. Get a Postino address, either primary or secondary!

Private Sphere

There are some messages that should not be processed via company email. Disconnect your private emails from your work address and also change the contact addresses of your social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).


Many mobile or Internet service providers provide email addresses with their service. However, if you change service providers, these addresses will be lost and purchases, registrations, etc. will be sent to this address. You are not accessible. Postino is independent. Use this!

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