It is your email, it is your private life!

Don't let other people read the letters you send!
Don't think that they won't be analyzed and they won't create an advertising profile about you!


We quote from the official Data Protection and General Terms and Conditions document of a large service provider.

„We also collect the content you create, upload, or receive from others when using our services. This includes things like email you write and receive...”



With a email address, you will not be one of many!

What are Postino users saying?

The opinions are quoted from our research conducted in August 2022. Real data.

„I am completely satisfied with it, I have used it for many years and it is set in many places.”

„The web interface can be set up nicely and easily, but I still use it with my mobile. It works fine, thanks.”

„Easily switching between light mode and dark mode is a useful feature; I have not seen it with any other service provider.”

Choose an email address for yourself!

Let your imagination go! With us, even your nickname or your full name can be available.

*During registration, you can choose any address you like!

Who uses email today?

Everybody. Email, as a communication channel, existed even before the Internet, survived every crisis, and withstood every fashion wave. It is still used today for job and dating, internet shopping, subscriptions, bank statements, mobile-, electricity- and gas bills.

We created this email service back in 1999. Yes, we didn't even have then Gmail. :) We would have liked a solution that meets all our needs, contains all the services that are necessary and useful for a comfortable correspondence interface. In several professional tests, we won the words of appreciation from the jury, such as PC Magazin or CHIP Magazin. From the beginning, in addition to the web-based management of mail, we supported working with e-mail programs, and as soon as mobile phones appeared, we provided access to these devices as well.
Memorable email address. We provide secure mail traffic for both sending and receiving. We use multi-step and several types of login for even stronger protection of personal data. (2FA) The footer of mails can be customized with the signature editor. And what you can't find anywhere else: you can choose from several user interfaces.
It can even be used for free with some limitations. Except for our free service, we do not have mandatory advertisements, we do not deliver data, statistics, profile analyzes to companies that are very willing to pay for it. (Not even in the free package!) We only provide the email service, we try to do our best against the arrival of spam and viruses, as a countermeasure we charge a fee from our users. Less than other providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have highlighted the most important questions here. We recommend our Help page for more information.

Can I use it with my mobile phone?

Yes. It works with both Android and Apple smartphones.

I have no USD account...

The payment transaction takes place exactly as if you were refueling abroad or paying in a restaurant. Your account will be charged in your local currency according to the current exchange rate.

Is the online payment safe?

Yes. The card details are not shared with us. The online bank only provides the information that the subscription was successful or not.

Why choose this?

We do not analyze the mails for the purpose of advertising and user profile building.
We do not profile users based on their gender, age, interests, habits according to.

Secure access and traffic

Two-factor login (2FA) and a secure email sending and receiving channel are available to protect your personal data.

Unique automatic signature

With a simple editor, you can create your unique signature, which you can automatically insert at the end of every letter.

It works on both small and large screens

The user interface takes into account the size of the screen you use it on. Mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you can manage your messages on all of them.

Available addresses

You don't have to search a lot to find out what your email address should be. Forget unmemorable e-mail addresses in the form of!

Data in your wallet

For your loyalty, you can have your important data, photos, music, and favorite movies with you in the size of a bank card.

Live customer support

Your questions will be answered in a short time by real people, not automatons.

Different mail interfaces

Where do you like operator icons? Left or right? Maybe on top?
All our surfaces have a DARK MODE version.


Founded: 1999







The indicated fees are monthly fees.

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Adless: YES
Storage: 5 GB
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$ 4.00

Adless: YES
Storage: 10 GB
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$ 199

Adless: YES
Storage: 20 GB
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